Elizabeth Tachick, Neurofeedback

Dynamical Neurofeedback® is a passive, non-invasive brain fitness program functioning as a trainer for neuroplasticity, training the brain away from discomfort and toward optimal brain function. It was developed by clinical psychologists in Canada and is used around the world addressing anything from peak performance to stress management, sleep issues, chronic pain, focus issues, anxiety, trauma, hormonal imbalances, and much more. Anyone who desires optimal brain function can benefit from Neurofeedback sessions. In each session, 5 small sensors are attached to the ears and scalp to read shifts in the brain’s electrical signals. Real-time audio feedback serves as a mirror for the brain resulting in vast, dynamical adjustments throughout the Central Nervous System.

At Natural Smiles, we recommend that patients schedule an intake consultation with Elizabeth for Neurofeedback if they are experiencing bruxism, dental anxiety, TMJ issues, sleep issues, snoring, headaches, or any dental transitions (including orthodontics and oral surgeries).

Elizabeth Tachick is a Certified Brain Trainer.  She has provided Neurofeedback in the Twin Cities since 2019.  She is passionate about helping families and individuals, of all ages and stages, experience the rewards of optimal brain health.  When she is not in the office, Elizabeth cherishes time with her husband and three children, soaking up any opportunity to be outdoors.

Please call our office at 651-483-9800 to schedule a Neurofeedback session with Elizabeth.

Elizabeth Tachick


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