Denise Schneider, NTP: Bio-Energetic Scanning

Full-Mouth Stress Assessment

Are there hidden toxins present in your mouth that have so far gone undetected? Sometimes chronic infections exist within the teeth and surrounding bone, stemming from root canaled teeth, metal crowns, amalgam (mercury) fillings, extracted-tooth sites, decayed teeth (cavities), and periodontal infection (bone loss). Since each tooth is connected to the body via a meridian energy system, the imbalances within our body could be connected to the oral stressors on the body. The AO Scan Mobile by Solex, along with muscle testing allows Denise to perform an energy scan of each tooth to determine if it is balanced or stressed. A custom homeopathic remedy is created (using the WaveFront 3000), when needed to restore balance to the teeth and help bring relief to your oral stressors.

Denise Schneider is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (certified by the NTA), a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, trained in the AO Scanner and the BioScan MSA (Meridian Stress Assessment), and has a background in dental assisting. Working in these various fields has given her a unique perspective, and she is very passionate about all things related to healthy living. Her own family’s journey of health challenges has fueled a mission inside her to serve others on their path towards optimal health.

Denise Schneider, NTP: BioScan Meridian Testing
Denise Schneider

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP)
Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

Full-Body Energy Scan

The AO Scanner is a remarkable device that combines the disciplines of Quantum Healing, Sound Harmonizing, and Audio Frequencies. It is a hand-held, non-invasive, bio-resonance device that scans and evaluates the entire body’s natural magnetic-field frequencies to detect abnormalities in cells, tissues, organs, and even skeletal functions. A comprehensive and detailed, visual report of your overall health is then provided. This method is a screening tool… it is not meant to act as a replacement for other patient evaluation methods, but rather functions as a complementary means of information gathering.

A Comprehensive AO Body Scan performs a detailed scan of the frequencies of over 130 organs, cells, bones, and chromosomes in your body. The Comprehensive Body Scan provides you with a remedy and audio frequencies to encourage balance within the energetic body. When in balance, the physical body is better able to heal itself.

Using the BioScan for Biocompatibility Testing of Dental Materials

At Natural Smiles Dental Care, we aim to ensure that the dental materials placed in our patient’s teeth for treatment will be safe for the whole body. This approach is known as biocompatibility of dental materials. Our bodies are all unique, and not every person’s body will react the same way to various materials used in dentistry. Dental materials used to treat teeth or gums are also likely long-lasting if not permanent. We therefore encourage our patients to have a test for compatibility of materials prior to dental treatment. The purpose of materials testing is to minimize toxicity and immune reactivity. Therefore, ensuring compatibility of materials within the body is important. This test does NOT claim to replace the IgG or IgE antibody responses of an allergy test, but rather aims to screen for possible disturbances of a dental material within a patient’s energetic system.

Energy & Emotional-Release Sessions w/AO Scanner

Denise offers packages of three 1/2 hour sessions, in-person or remotely via a live video session. These sessions include the following services:

• The Emotion Code Method of clearing emotional energy stressors.

• Denise’s own version of muscle testing and energy clearing.

• Mobile AO Scanner, which scans the energy body using your voice and provides information to help us restore balance and harmony.

• Balancing Harmonics & Audio Frequencies for you to listen to between sessions, that aims at providing relief of both emotional stress and physical pains.

To learn more about Denise’s services, visit Please call our office at 651-483-9800 in order to schedule an appointment with Denise.

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