Welcome to Natural Smiles Dental Care

We’re so happy you’ve found us! Located in Shoreview MN, Natural Smiles Dental Care is a one-of-a-kind Integrative Dental Office and Wellness Center. Our four, highly trained dentists offer a myriad of Holistic Dental Services, including:

Safe Mercury (Amalgam) Removal

Biocompatible, BPA-free, and Fluoride-free restorations

All-ceramic implants

Tongue-tie / lip-tie laser frenectomy revisions

Airway-focused, dental-arch expansion using ALF appliances

Invisalign (metal-free) orthodontics

Biological extractions using PRF and ozone

Sleep-apnea & TMJ appliances

Hygiene services which include LBR (laser bacterial reduction) therapy

Our Office Beliefs

At our office, we believe that healthy mouths lead to healthy bodies, and vice-versa. It is impossible to reach an ultimate state of health without addressing the root causes of disease. Natural Smiles Dental Care’s Wellness Services are designed to comprehensively support our dental patients, and our alternative healthcare practitioners provide these therapeutic treatments right in our dental office:

Craniosacral Therapy

Bio-energetic Scanning, Dental Materials Testing, & Customized Homeopathic Remedies

Myofunctional Therapy

Acupuncture & Bodywork

Contact our office today to get started on your Oral-focused Health Journey!

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