Integrative dentistry is an approach to dentistry that promotes health and wellness, not simply the treatment of disease. This philosophy encompasses both modern sciences as well as knowledge drawn from the world’s great traditions in natural healing

The traditional process of placing a sealant involves painting the material directly over the tooth, even if the tooth has some areas of staining. Sometimes this trapped stain can lead to a cavity that goes undetected because it is “hidden” by the dental sealant.However, at our office, we like to remove this layer of stain from the tooth first, and provide a clean surface for the restoration to adhere to. This type of restoration is called Preventative Resin Restorations(PRR’s). In the procedure, a “flowable” resin material with a bonding agent is used, which is stronger than the sealant material and thus tends to last longer.

We recommend bringing in children for regular dental cleanings and exams at age 3. However, if the parents see any concerns with younger children, we do recommend a dental exam. Infants as young as 2 weeks are seen for frenectomies (lip-tie / tongue-tie) procedures.

There is a debate among the holistic health community regarding the safety and efficacy of fluoride. The concern is the potential toxic side effects that can occur from a patient using or ingesting too much fluoride. However, this amount of fluoride can vary from person-to-person. Therefore, at our office, we do not offer fluoride treatments,nor do we offer any fluoride-containing products for purchase. Instead we recommend xylitol, ozone, and other non-toxic medicaments for fighting tooth decay.

Root canal treatment is the removal of the tooth’s pulp, including nerves, blood and lymph vessels. Once the damaged, diseased or dead pulp is removed, the remaining space is cleaned, shaped and filled. There is some controversy surrounding the use of this therapy due to dental medicine not being able to completely sterilize the tooth structure.Therefore we recommend that root canal procedures only be performed with the use of ozone, as this can greatly increase the antimicrobial properties of the root canal. Dr. Zach Bailey is trained in ozone-based root canals, and he comes to our office on select days. If patients have concerns about the status of their existing root canals, we do encourage them to have a dental evaluation. At that time, it might be recommended to make an appointment for an EAV BioScan screening. (See the EAV section of our website).

We are in network with Delta Dental Premier and Healthpartners (Tier II), but we do submit to other plans for out-of-network coverage except for the state plan. We are also able to give patients an estimate of coverage, to get an idea of what their insurance could cover.

We do regularly refer to outside practitioners when appropriate, including dental specialists for oral surgery, root canals, orthodontics, and periodontists. We also refer to other alternative health practitioners for additional care in chiropractic, functional medicine, naturopathy, energy medicine, homeopathy, and massage therapy.

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